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How Good Am I? What Can You Expect?
                                       Here are some references and testimonials:

M. Arenz:
Does great work. I've hired him a few times now to do things I didn't know how to do. I bought a 52" HDTV and stand and had him set it up. He did everyting from building the stand to mounting the TV and making the connections. He even took the time to show me how to use it all while I took notes. Also hired him to shampoo my two carpets. He took his time and I was very pleased with the results. Need to paint my shed and build a arm rail on the stairs soon, I'll hire him again. Very polite and friendly. Thanks Buddy.

A. Gonsalves:
I was having problems with my computer. Don't know alot-lol about them. He came and installed virus protection and cleaned out the dust from the inside. While he was here, I asked him to put my three air conditioners in the windows too. The next week I called him to set up my sons surround speakers in his room and put up a plastic sliding door in my kitchen. I liked that he gave me options of products to choose and answered my questions. Seems to be a jack of all trades and knows about alot of things. Sometimes I've had to wait until he's available, but it's worth it.

A. Miranda:
Had some bad stains on my carpets and needed some other help with odd little jobs that I didn't have time for. Called to see what he could do and how much. He's pretty good. I was surprised that he got out the carpet stains, changed my car battery cables,changed the wiper blades, and cleaned and organized my basement just like I would have. I've used him a couple times so far. Have even used him before to go grocery shopping for me when I broke my ankle. Most important is that he showed up when he said and on time.

J. Siegel:
I needed to get my house ready to sell and didn't have much time or money as a working single mom. He came to the house and looked at repairs that he thought would be a problem selling the house. I was overwhelmed with the amount of little fixes it needed. I also couldn't afford a plumber, carpenter, electrician and so on. He told me not to worry, he'll let me know what he can do. I needed cement patched, a whole in the ceiling fixed, painting, a new wax seal on the toilet, paneling removed, drywall holes patched, gutters fixed, metal rails repainted, my basement gutted and cleaned, door locks fixed, tub recaulking and landscaping. I was so depressed when he told me and the realtor agreed that it all needed repair. He was very professional and concerned with helping me out and lowering my stress. He helped me find cheaper fixes and to spend only what was necessary to make the repairs without charging me a fortune. I was happy and the realtor was able to list my home for sale. The realtor even thanked him and told him that he would recommend him to other sellers. It is VIP service, I appreciate all you did. Thanks again!